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Neuroimaging and neurofeedback

Neurofeedback, or brain biofeedback, may be used, typically in combination with cognitive-behavioral treatment, for improving attention, or in conjunction with relaxation training, for reducing anxiety. Neurofeedback works by sensitizing individuals to localized abnormalities in brain function, through a process known as amplitude training, or by improving communication between specific brain sites, known as coherence training.

Quantitative EEG (qEEG) measures brain electrical activity, providing a useful tool in understanding the full diagnostic picture of the patient from a physiological perspective. It also serves as a blueprint for any neurofeedback treatment that may follow.

Dr. Tignor examines each patient's quantitative EEG in conjunction with an independent expert. While Dr. Tignor knows the clinical and neuropsychological background of each patient, the second expert's analysis is based solely on the visual EEG and analytical qEEG findings. The two professionals discuss the EEG results during a 60 minute phone consultation which subsequently becomes part of the full neuropsychological evaluation.

For interested readers, a more technical discussion of neuroimaging techniques used by Dr. Tignor is provided on the following page. more

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