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Neuropsychological Assessment and Physician Referrals

Pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists and other professionals often refer children and adults for a neuropsychological assessment because of one or more problems:

  • Difficulty in attention, learning, behavior, socialization, or emotional control;
  • A disease or inborn developmental problem that affects the brain;
  • A brain injury from an accident, birth trauma, or other physical stress;
  • Persitent migraine headaches or abdominal migraine.
A neuropsychological evaluation assists in better understanding a client's functioning in areas such as memory, perception, coordination, language, and personality. This information will help the physician and parent decide upon appropriate treatments and interventions to meet the individual's unique needs.

Neuropsychological Evaluation and School Psychological Assessment

School assessments are usually performed to determine whether a child qualifies for special education programs or therapies to improve or enhance school performance. They focus on achievement and skills needed for academic success. Generally, they do not specifically test for or diagnose learning or behavior disorders caused by altered brain function or development. The findings of a neuropsychological evaluation, with parent permission, are often shared with the school Child Study Team to provide greater diagnostic clarity as well as recommendations for treatment including suggestions for classroom management and social adjustment. Dr. Tignor is available to speak directly to the child's teacher or case manager, and often attends I.E.P. meetings at the parents' request.

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