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Executive Functioning

Tower Test (NEPSY) This test assesses the executive functions of planning, monitoring, self-regulation, and problem solving. The child moves three colored balls to target positions on three pegs in a prescribed number of moves with rules to which the child must adhere.

Tower Test (D-KEFS) This test measures spatial planning, rule learning, inhibition of impulsive responding, inhibition of perseverative responding, and establishing and maintaining instructional set. Materials include 5 disks that vary in size from small to large and a board with three vertical pegs.

Design Fluency (NEPSY) This test assesses the child's ability to generate novel designs as quickly as possible on structured and unstructured arrays of dots. The child makes as many different designs as possible by connecting two or more dots.

Design Fluency (D-KEFS) This test measures ability to generate novel designs as quickly as possible, response inhibition, and cognitive fleibility. The test is composed of three conditions. In each, the child is presented rows of boxes each containing dots that the examinee must connect, with four lines only, to make
different designs. Conditions are 1. Draw as many designs as possible; 2. Connect only unfilled dots, leaving filled dots blank; and 3. Alternate connections between filled and unfilled dots.

Verbal Fluency (NEPSY) This test assesses ability to generate words quickly, according to semantic and phonemic categories.

Verbal Fluency (D-KEFS) This test is composed of three conditions: letter fluency, category fluency, and category switching.
1. The examinee says words beginning with a specified letter as quickly as
2. The examinee is asked to say words belonging to a designated semantic
3. The examinee must alternate between saying words from two different
semantic categories. more


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Executive Functioning
Tower Test (NEPSY)
Tower Test (D-KEFS)
Design Fluency (NEPSY)
Design Fluency (D-KEFS)
Verbal Fluency (NEPSY)
Verbal Fluency (D-KEFS)
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
Stroop Color and Word Test
Color-Word Interference Test
Sorting Test (DKEFS)
TTwenty Questions Test (D-KEFS)
Trail Making Test (D-KEFS)